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Hypsteria was found in 2019 by a group of music and fashion enthusiasts. It was a spontaneous, ambitious and well-thought out project with a long-term strategy. We produce music we like ourselves – it is a mixture of various styles. We discover the underground of Polish alternative and hip hop music. We take our inspiration from the best music sources.  Our philosophy is to have our own personality and stay authentic on the music market. We are very selective when choosing from current music trends

We manage careers of young and talented artists and advise them how to follow their career path. We collaborate with best music studios and producers in Poland.

We are individualists, still we co-work with the best in the music industry.

Our modeling roots enabled us to create our own unique style. We design clothes we like to wear ourselves. We like gadgets. We are inspired by young and gifted artists whose style is still not obvious for the mainstream.

We are not just a record label, a group of mates, or an artistic agency. We are primarily an artistic association open to everyone who has artistic soul, thinks in an unorthodox way and wants to realize himself/herself. We are always on the lookout for new partners so musicians, photographers, film makers, fashion designers, graphic designers are welcome to join us.

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Born in 1999, represents Warsaw Jelonki estate. He’s a romantic, soccer player, a typical ‘boy next door’. His passion for rap music was inspired by his friends. Today, he is becoming more and more successful and finishes recording his first music album. For sure, we will hear about him many times soon.


Born in 1999, most trap-style boy in the record label, represents Warsaw Bemowo district. He is the most experienced rap singer in the team. His debut album will consist of pieces featuring many well-known and respected rap artists. He plays with music and it appears he will attract a wide audience and become a recognizable figure among rap fans.


Our ‘Latino boy’ born in 1999. He joined us as an experienced and well-established artist after releasing a few singles in collaboration with Wroclaw underground rappers. Now, he is working on his first extended play. His trap style and featuring pieces designed solely for this project are an explosive mixture. At the beginning of 2020 he makes a bold step to get higher position in the rap league.

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